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FAQ Search Engine Optimization

Question# 1 Which of the these is the least important area in which to include your keyword(s) - Title meta tag,description meta tag , internal anchor text, keywords meta tag?
Answer : Meta Keywords

Question# 2 Can anchor text create additional competition for your page in the search results ?
Answer : Yes it can as you give relevance through anchor text and link juice to a competing page on a competing site , anchor text itself sometimes can create competition among your own site too.

Question # 3 What is the best way to maximize the frequency with which your site/page is crawled by the search engines?
Answer : Frequently adding new content certainly maximizes the crawl rate.

Question # 4 Which of search engine is considered to be the best for acquiring competitive link data?
Answer : Yahoo shows almost full and complete back link information

Question # 5 If you want a page to pass value through its links, but stay out of the search engines’ indices, which of the following tags should you place in the header?
Answer : Use meta robots=”noindex, follow”