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Directories Submission Guidelines

Guidelines that most Seo editors would follow before approve a site into their directory. Guidelines will give a you a better chance of getting approved.

Guidelines have been divided into the 7 points that most editors would look into with regards to your submission:

Url / Domain
Site Content

Title of your Site:

Title plays a Key role in link building and SEO part. Use primary keywords in the title.
These are the few points you should note when writing your titles

• The title should be relevant to the purpose of the site and 60 characters in the title.
• The title should reflect the web site or the link.
• The title should not be too promotional and read like an ad text, instead it should be as objective as possible.
• Don’t use all upper cases in the title.
• Avoid the use of an exclamation mark ‘!’ in the title.
• Avoid repetition of keywords.
• Avoid words like ‘best’, ’good’, ’cheapest’, ’greatest’ or any other exaggerated adjective.

Description of your Site:

Guidelines for writing descriptions:

• Avoid pricing details or any other promotional details that are subject to change with time.
• Simply describe what the site offers.
• The length of description is Max 250 Words and don’t mention the personal details
• Avoid Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In Your Description.
• Try and avoid ending your description with ‘and others’ or ‘etc’ or even ‘…’

Keywords of your Site:

Don’t repeat any keyword more than once and also make sure you have the keywords entered in the format required. Some directories may require you to enter each keyword separated by a comma (,).

Category of your Site:

• Choosing the right category and relevant category play a key role.
• For some directories, where you’re not able to find a suitable category, you may even suggest a relevant category and if the directory editor finds it suitable, your site would be added under the newly created category.

Url / Domain of your Site:

• Submit the url in the correct format. Most directories accept a url in the format of while some directories accept it without the http://
• Do not submit parked domains and domains that have no content.
• Do not submit domains that redirect to another site.
• Only submit your home page url and not a url pointing to one of your inner pages, e.g. and not Also, when submitting your home page url, do not include the ‘index.***’ portion of your url
• Some directories are particular about adding a forward slash ‘/’ at the end of the url.
• Very few directories accept domains hosted on free hosting services or domains that are not registered – avoid submitting these kind of domains.

Email of your Site:

Email play a key role in case of accepting sites where the email address included belongs to a free account like yahoo, hotmail or gmail. This is applicable in very few cases. It is preferable to include the email address of your site domain, e.g. if you’re submitting, try and use

Few other general guidelines about that most directories are particular about:

• Never submit a site that is under construction or is about to launch. Make sure your site is fully operational and index by search engine.
• Do not submit sites that have no content.
• Some directories don’t accept sites having just one page. It is preferable for your site to have a few pages.
• Your site should have a substantial amount of content and not be full of affiliate links or contain just ads all over.
• A few directories do not accept sites with ‘mirror content’, i.e. sites having the same content but different domains.