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SEO Friendly Directory

There a few Seo friendly directories they provide out links but there are not counted by the search engines, because they are not Seo friendly directory.

Few tips to find the Non Seo friendly directory are:

1) META nofollow or noindex tag on the link pages:

If you find a link which contain the following code in the link:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”> then the links on that page wouldn’t be found or indexed by the search engines.
The ‘noindex’ means the search engines like Google, yahoo and Msn to not indexed the page and the ‘nofollow’ means the search engine will not fallow the links on the page.
So if one the above tags exists in the link page, it would be considered non-seo-friendly.

2) ‘rel=nofollow’ tag in link:

If the links contain the following syntax:

<a href= rel=’nofollow’>Directory </a>
‘nofollow’ tag again tells the search engines to ignore the link.

3) JavaScript-generated:

If you find the links page displayed in a coded format other than the standard foramte <a href=”> </a> format, then again not be counted by the search engines.

4) Using re-directed Tag:

Some directories link out through indirect links, e.g. <a href=””>Directory</a>.

These types of links are not valuable as they’re not direct links to the website.

The url of the links page contains too many parameters

Search engines like Google, Yhaoo and Msn don’t index pages with too many parameters in the url.

If a directory is to be considered seo-friendly, it should not contain the above mentioned.