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Article submission

Article submission play a key role for increasing unique traffic to your website and also you get one way links back to your site.

Few Important points on Article Submission:

• There is a huge list of article directories in the search engine or the web for a variety of categories. It depended on the selecting a right category that directly relates to the content of your website.
• When submitting your articles, to popular article sites and directories please select a proper and relevant category to post your article.
• Submitting Articles are actually producing a significant amount of traffic to their respective websites.
• Provide unique information in article that will be of the most value to my readers and you will get positive result in mean of traffic.
• Article’s content should not be too long. If you have large article content is too long, then try to split them into two or more articles.
• Title of article should be in short length and make sure title related to the contents of the article.
• Article title related to the main keywords of your website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn give more important to the article’s contents.
• As many article directories do not accept articles with URLs or hyperlinks in middle of the contents so, make to fallow rule.

Advantage of Article Submission:

• Getting one way link.
• Generate new, unique visitors.
• Best alternative to link exchange.
• Take less time for generating back-links to your website compare to directory submission and link exchanging.
• Some article submission allows people to subscribe to specific categories related to their web site as RSS feeds.
• If a you subscribes to the RSS feed for a particular category then it is also beneficial for back link and automatically appear on all of the websites that subscribe to the RSS feed of that category.